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Fire Escape Mask

In the event of a fire, the cause of death is more than 70 percent of suffocation deaths caused by inhalation of toxic gas rather than burns.
The smoke inhaling from the fire site is very dangerous because there is a lack of oxygen in the air.
This product has been developed to ensure safe evacuation from the fire site within five minutes of the golden time of the fire.

The exterior hood is made of non-combustible heat-resistant material that does not melt in high heat, preventing burns on the face during evacuation and improving safety by installing eco-friendly filters that do not detect harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

The emergency lantern attached to the product helps find escape routes when there is a power outage in the event of a fire or when visibility is difficult due to smoke. When a rescue worker, such as a firefighter, is deployed, the wearer is exposed for easy rescue.

Fire experts say that the five minutes of golden time can be too short depending on the circumstances, so the oxygen pack helps breathe because moisture and carbon dioxide from the wearer's breathing react to the oxygen.

In case of emergency, it takes time to wear a regular hood product and needs some pre-training and familiarity, but this product can be worn easily and quickly by any man and women of all ages, and even a person wearing glasses can also wear it comfortably.
In addition,
third parties such as infants, patients, mobility impaired people, and nearby victims can wear them to evacuate together.

Not only convenience but also the weight of the product is light to about 100g, so the pouch type is small so that even children can have their own personal carry. In case of fire, they can play a sufficient role as personal protective apparatus, and customer can store a large quantity of products in the form of storage boxes without restrictions of location and space.